Premix And Tea Bag

Instant Coffee Premix

Instant coffee for coffee lovers
Rs. 1200 Rs. 1325

Himalayan Breakfast Tea 25 Teabags Pack

For Refreshing Morning and Day
Rs. 80

Instant Tea Premix Ginger Flavor

Enjoy your morning with sweet smell of tea
Rs. 1000 Rs. 1200

Amazon Coffee Chicory Mixture 250 gms Black Coffee No Added Sugar

Quick and easy to prepare, they are widely used in corporate offices, institutes, colleges, trainin
Rs. 1100 Rs. 1200

Instant Tea Premix Plain 1kg

Start your morning with the sweet smell of tea
Rs. 1000


Organic Green Tea
Rs. 105

Amazon Instant Tea Premix Lemon Flavour

coffee is just a drink. Tea is an event.
Rs. 950

Amazon Instant Tea Premix Cardamom Flavor

We all love our coffee the first thing in the morning. However, while brewing a pot of coffee slowly
Rs. 1100 Rs. 1200

Amazon Cappuccino coffee premix

Forget to have your daily coffee dose, this evening! Which one do you prefer? Hot Cappuccino or Latt
Rs. 1300 Rs. 1400

Instant Tea Premix Cardamom

Enjoy the sweet aroma of Cardamom
Rs. 1100

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