Blood Pressure Monitoring

Auto Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6200

know your actual blood pressure
Rs. 4290

Microlife BP AG1-40 Manual Blood Pressure Kit sphygmomanometer and stethosc

Microlife High quality Palm Blood pressure kit.
Rs. 3200 Rs. 4000

Microlife Auto Digital BP Machine B6 Advanced Arm Connect

Lightweight and automatic Digital BP machine with PAD technology.
Rs. 10500 Rs. 12500

Dr. Morepen BP-02 Automatic Blood Pressure Machine

Lightweight and automatic Digital BP machine.
Rs. 3000 Rs. 4000

MICROLIFE BP-A2 Classic Blood pressure monitor

BP machine with PAD technology.
Rs. 4500 Rs. 5000

Microlife Auto Digital Wrist BP Machine W3 Comfort

Automatic wrist blood pressure monitor with comfort technology.
Rs. 4000 Rs. 5000

3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Standard-Finish Chestpiece Stethoscope

High quality Stethoscope designed for use with adults and pediatric patients.
Rs. 36000 Rs. 40000

Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor Digital BP-A3 Basic

Digital BP machine with PAD technology.
Rs. 5500 Rs. 6000

Rossmax Digital Blood pressure Monitor Ch155

Digital Blood pressure monitor with Real Fuzzy Technology.
Rs. 3600

Auto Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-7200

Detects body movement hence for more accurate measurement readings
out of stock .
Rs. 5090

Auto Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-6111

know your actual pressure
out of stock .
Rs. 2690

Blood pressure is measured using a sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure monitor. It consists of an inflatable cuff that's wrapped around your arm, roughly level with your heart, and a monitoring device that measures the cuff's pressure. The monitor measures two pressures: systolic, and diastolic. It's important to measure blood pressure more than once because it fluctuates over the course of the day. It can also change due to things like physical exertion, stress, pain, or extreme heat or cold. But this kind of increase in blood pressure is only temporary and it soon returns to normal.