A fan gives you cooling during hot days. A fan blows air onto your skin, which helps to evaporate the sweat of your body more quickly and cools you down. We offer a large assortment of fans, each with its own purpose. Whatever you choose, when you have a fan in your home you know you're cool on hot days. We have various types of fans available with us whereas automatic and manual fans are broadly known fans in nepal by users. the various types of fans available with us are Bestron fans, Bladeless fans, Ceiling fans, Dyson fans, Fans with integrated timer, Oscillating fans, Table fans, Tower fans and other many types of fans. The highest selling fan in nepal is Fans with integrated timer. It is a fan with timer automatically switches itself off at the set time. with the integrated programming function, you don't need to worry about it any further. When it's too hot at night to sleep, you can set the timer to a maximum number of hours. You can go to sleep without worrying because the fan shuts itself off. When choosing a fan, it's important to know what you want. Where will you place the fan and how big is the room you want to cool? Tower fans and stand fans, for instance, aren't very large, so they don't take up much space. A ceiling fan, on the other hand, won't take up any space at all and generates a refreshing breeze for the entire room. Want a fan for use in your bedroom? Choose a silent fan. For an optimal spread of the airflow, look for an oscillating function. Our Clients request for the proper guidance and we help you make the right choice for selection of fan for office or for home.and make fans available in Nepal in a variety of styles, sizes and prices, so Customers can pick them as per your requirements and budget.