Magnetic White Board

White Board 3x4 ft.

Protective, durable, scratch and stain resistant writing surface
Rs. 2800

whiteboard help in interactive group learning

In workspaces and lecture sessions, whiteboards are really important to share ideas and information. They are a vital part of any meeting, training or lecture. As interactive tools, they offer the best ways of getting an entire group involved in sharing ideas and working through a plan. These days, you can find these items in a variety of sizes and styles for different kinds of projects and varying work environments. While chalkboard has remained the same over the years, a whiteboard can be of a few different types. For instance, an interactive one combines the convenience of taking notes with the functionality of a computer by means of projecting, saving and printing information, all by just the click/touch of a button.
Magnetic whiteboards, on the other hand, are made of clear and translucent glass in varying colors. These are typically dry-erase boards with a sleek and modern look so much so that they find their place mostly in sophisticated workplaces. The combination boards are very popular options today, merging the convenience of the whiteboards with one or more types of boards such as cork boards. These are not just efficient but also quite space-saving. Most of them are magnetic and incorporates charts, diagrams, graphics and so on for better understanding and interaction. If you are alternatively looking for a blackboard for a training session especially for school-level children, you should better go with the traditional ones because they are hassle-free and lasts for many years as well.

advantages of magnetic whiteboard in Nepal

The biggest advantage of the whiteboards is that they are used by markers, which come in every possible color out there. There is no dust and, therefore, no chances of allergic reactions. These boards can be used as projector screens also. Whether you want to buy a whiteboard magnetic or non magnetic depending on your precise purpose and requirements, we suggest that you check out the much popular online store pasalnepal. We ensure that all products our customer purchase are all 100% authentic. As a first-time buyer of these items, you will get the options that you need only from this marketplace. Also, you can devote a lot of time browsing through the products and understanding a bit about them before investing in one.