Cloth Hanger

Stainless steel Cloth Hanger

organize room with placing cloth in order
Rs. 5000

Steel Cloth Hanger

clothes place easily and make room attractive
Rs. 3500

Non folding cloth hanger

Rs. 4000

3 layer Iron cloth hanger

Rs. 4000

Wood Like Steel Cloth Hanger

organize your cloth
out of stock .
Rs. 8000 Rs. 9000

Attractive Cloth Hanger

make you cloths organized
out of stock .
Rs. 3500

Buy Clothes Hangers Online in Nepal Clothes Hangers are essential components for organizing clothes even in small place. apart from keeping your clothes and other essentials organized, people don’t give much thought to hangers that help people to keep their clothes tidy and well-kept. Wooden hangers, steel hangers are the types of hangers available with us which are an important part of improving your closet. You will find an array of hangers on pasalnepal. Browse through the website to find the hangers that you would purchase. Hangers dont take up a lot of space but also they keep our clothes very very attractive. The clothes that are folded are full of creases as compared to the clothes that are hung on hangers. If you’re new to the world of hangers, we’d suggest you buy hangers to keep your clothes free of creases. Advantages of Using Cloth Hangers Give a touch of elegance to your expensive clothes by purchasing hangers online. Below mentioned are a few advantages of using hangers to hang your clothes. Maintains the Lifespan of Your Clothes Hangers are better for holding your clothes as compared to keeping them folded. Your clothes will thank you for keeping them on hangers rather than folding them. The collars of your shirts will stay put. When your shirts are deformed, it does not look good when you wear them. Our collection has an array of plastic hangers, wooden hangers and metal hangers for you to choose from. There are different types of hangers available. When you hang your clothes on hangers, your clothes stay durable for long. Wooden hangers are durable and long-lasting, whereas, plastic hangers are less expensive and serve the same purpose. Make sure you decide what kinds of hangers you would rather prefer. Metal hangers are less durable compared to wooden ones. Wooden hangers might be expensive, but they maintain themselves and they will last you for years to come. Shop For Varieties of Furnitures Products Online in Nepal from at get the desired Product at affordable price set