Mouse Pad

BRANDS :     Cooler Master         MSI         LOGITECH    

Swift RX (XL) Mouse Pad

More comfort and speed for gamers.
Rs. 4250

MSI Xield 5 GAMING Mouse Pad

Perfectly compatible with both optical and laser sensor
Rs. 1500


A soft-woven top layer and 4mm thick, the mousepad provides a comfortable gaming surface.
out of stock .
Rs. 4200

Logitech Cloth G240 Gaming Mouse Pad

This gives sensors better imagery for translating mouse movement into cursor movement,
out of stock .
Rs. 2500

Wondering how mouse pads could possibly be that important? We’ll tell you how. These computer accessories are designed to facilitate a friction-free movement of the mouse placed on it so the whole operation is smooth. Besides, by allowing the feet of the mouse to move around in a fuss-free manner, mouse pads also contribute to keeping the mouse in good working condition. technical part about mouse pads are that you have an extensive range of choices when it comes to their design, color, shape, size, and material. If you follow sports and want something to show your support for a team, you can bring home mouse pads and can take your game further by buying mouse pads. you gaming and working skills will be best if you have proper support of mouse pads.