External HDD

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HDD My Passport from WD

easy and portable device from wd
Rs. 9000

Hard Disk Drive Desktop HDD 2TB

powerful storage capacity
Rs. 10000

External HDD High Capacity HM900 4 TB

Capacity keeps up with the times and your needs
Rs. 16200

2000GB Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive 7200RPM/CACHE 64MB 3.5 (8.9cm) SATA

Don't compromise with your data and Seagate understand that
Rs. 9999 Rs. 10625

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 4 TB External HDD

With the highest level of anti-shock protection
Rs. 21125

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2TB External HDD

With the highest level of anti-shock protection
Rs. 12750

Transcend STOREJET 25M3 1 TB External HDD

Ultra-fast file transfers with supreme shock-resistant qualities
Rs. 8875

ADATA Military-Grade Shock-Proof External HDD(HD680)

Defend your data with Military Grade Protection.
Rs. 7900

Adata HM800 High capacity External Hard Disk Drive

High capacity Storage Slim and stylish External HDD.
Rs. 24600

Adata Shock-Resistant Extra Slim External HDD HD330 4TB

Slim and Lightweight Stylish High capacity External HDD.
Rs. 18600

Adata Durable series HD720 External HDD

Waterproof, Shockproof and Dustproof External HDD.
Rs. 8900

Adata Durable series HD710 Pro External HDD

Waterproof and dust proof High quality external HDD.
Rs. 8900

ADATA Waterproof External Hard Disk Drive High Capacity HD710P 5TB

Waterproof and dust proof high capacity external HDD.
Rs. 25800

Adata Durable series HD330 Shock-resistant External HDD 2TB

Anti Finger Print, Shock Sensor Stylish External HDD.
Rs. 10750 Rs. 11300

Adata Shockproof Compact Lightweight External HDD HV300

Compact and Shock resistant Anti Finger print External HDD.
Rs. 7500

Adata Shockproof Water Proof External HDD HD770 1TB

Durable series High Quality External HDD with RGB lighting.
Rs. 9250

Adata Shockproof Water Proof Dustproof HD770 2TB External HDD

Durable External HDD with RGB lighting.
Rs. 13200

Adata Slim and Light External HDD HV620S Anti Finger Print Shock Sensor

Scratch Prevention and sleek glossy External HDD.
Rs. 7500

asus m-disk

M-Disc support 1000-years storage solution
out of stock .
Rs. 16875

ASUS Travelair N Wireless Hard Disk

best hard disk with waterproof USB 3.0 and Reset Button
out of stock .
Rs. 11875

Adata External HDD HC660 2 TB

Ultra-Slim Through Smart Engineering
out of stock .
Rs. 10650

Adata External HDD HV100 2TB

Scratch Prevention and sleek glossy
out of stock .
Rs. 9150

Adata External HDD HC660 1 TB

Ultra-slim through smart engineering
out of stock .
Rs. 7100

TRANSCEND M3 Rubber Case 1TB HDD-2.5" Type C

Shock Resistance Qualities with Speed
out of stock .
Rs. 8875 Rs. 9250

TRANSCEND H3 Rubber Case 4 TB Portable HDD-2.5" New

Military Grade Shock Resistance One-Touch Auto-Backup Button First Portable 4 TB in Nepal
out of stock .
Rs. 21250 Rs. 22375

TRANSCEND C3N Extra Slim 2.5" 2TB Ultra Portable HDD

Extra Slim Ultra Portable Hard Disk Drive
out of stock .
Rs. 12875

TRANSCEND C3N Extra Slim 2.5" 1TB Ultra Portable HDD

Extra Slim Portable Hard Disk Drive
out of stock .
Rs. 9000

TRANSCEND H3 Rubber Case Series / 2 TB HDD/ USB 3.0 Hard Disk

Compatible with Superspeed USB 3.0
out of stock .
Rs. 12750 Rs. 13500

TRANSCEND M3 Rubber Case 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive

Every memories last long with this shock resistance rubber cased Hard disk drive.
out of stock .
Rs. 9250

TRANSCEND M3 rubber case /500 GB Portable Hard Disk Drive

Compatible with Superspeed USB 3.0
out of stock .
Rs. 7625

TRANSCEND A3k Piano Finish 1TB HDD/ USB 3.0

Compatible with Superspeed USB 3.0
out of stock .
Rs. 8500

External Hard Disk - Buy External Hard Disk Online HDD in Nepal

external hard drive is a data storage device. Similar to the one inside your laptop or desktop computer, except an external hard drive lives outside your computer in its own enclosure. Free up space on your internal hard drive with a tabletop external hard drive in nepal that holds programs and files you don't use frequently. With capacities of ranging from 1TB to 10TB, you can significantly increase the amount of available storage without altering your computer's internal configuration.
Use the extra space to store movies or music and keep a multimedia library easily accessible without bogging down everyday work processes, or set up a regular backup schedule to make copies of everything on your system to protect against data loss. Most external hard drives are plug-and-play, so there's no long or confusing setup process. Just plug your drive into your computer using a USB cable and open the folder for the device to add or remove files. When it comes to keeping your drive connected, plugging in cords and cables to handle regular backups can get frustrating. Some external hard drives let you eschew the wires and make regular automatic backups or manual file transfers over your Wi-Fi connection.
Whether your data needs to handle a trek through the wilderness or just regular transport at the bottom of your daily travel bag, a rugged hard drive built for tough conditions may be just what you need. Shockproof drives in rubberized covers withstand drops, bumps and jostles so your files stay safe no matter where you take them. Covered ports prevent dust and moisture from getting inside the drive for added protection. To protect your files from a different kind of threat, many external hard drives offer password encryption that keeps unauthorized users from accessing the stored data.