pantry is a specifical cabinet designed that can used to storage of food and food essentials .A pantry adds plenty of storage and style to any room. the Fantastic Furniture range of affordable kitchen pantry cabinet in nepal are available with various options online. Storing food in a kitchen is often an overlooked detail that is critically important to effective kitchen design. It is great to have all of one’s dishes and cutlery neatly organized in cabinets and drawers, but the storage or dried goods, canned goods, spices and condiments is fundamental to the purpose of a kitchen: cooking. To increase food storage space in a kitchen, there are a wide variety of pantry designs but additional pieces can be purchased and added without the requiring permanent installation. the term pantry can actually be applied to any type of cabinet in which food is stored as it is used more in reference to the function rather than the appearance. With that said, cabinets that are described as pantries will typically be taller than normal base cabinets. They will include a varying number of shelves, but most pantries may include additional gadgetry to increase their usability such as lazy Susan’s or internal drawers. If one finds that their current cabinetry run does not provide enough food storage and the remaining kitchen space is quite limited, then it is best to consider a pantry specifically designed for corner placement as this is a space in most rooms that is often wasted.