White Board Non Magnetic

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simply write your message on the smooth pearl white surface and wipe off when needed
Rs. 1

White Board 2x3 ft. - PASALNEPAL

Protective, durable, scratch and stain resistant writing surface
Rs. 1

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Write or draw and presentations on these whiteboards from Pasalnepal. Pair these presenting essentials with markers to provide information to employees or track your creative ideas or to-do lists. No matter if you need small whiteboards for your desktop, extra-large options for corporate conference rooms or medium-size boards ideal for posting office notices, pasalnepal offers numerous styles, sizes and accessories perfect for placement in spaces like yours.

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Use a large whiteboard as a handy spot for notes you need to share with others. They work great in classrooms, allowing you to provide class assignments and deliver information found outside of textbooks. Likewise, dry erase boards perform equally well in the office, giving you space to lay out charts and statistics during employee meetings and share information with new workers during their orientation and training periods. High-quality options from trusted brandsmake these whiteboards strong and durable enough to last for years with simple maintenance and cleaning.

whiteboards for Offices in Nepal

Two big advantages of whiteboards and are their flexibility and convenience. They can be placed virtually anywhere and are useful at the office. They allow you to write messages, draw pictures, and convey all manner of information to those you communicate with most. Feek the greatest convenience of these boards Simply wipe them down between each use and they’re ready to use again.