Tea Coffee Vending Machine

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Spectra Triple Option machine

Triple spectra, Quality product in best price with ease operation for office, institutes.
Rs. 90000

Spectra Double Option Machine

Double spectra, Quality product in best price with ease operation for office, institutes.
Rs. 75000

ATLANTIS Cafe Plus (4 Lane) Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis Cafe plus for all those lazy coffee lovers
Rs. 65000 Rs. 68000

Godrej Minifresh 3200 Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Meets your taste, Style, Safety & Hygiene.
Rs. 78990 Rs. 83000

SHYDN 2 Lane Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Cute and Ultra Modern vending machine.
Rs. 34450 Rs. 37000

Godrej Minifresh 3200 GD Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Makes you the traditional cup of coffee to a wide selection of a variety of coffees.
Rs. 81500 Rs. 86000

Godrej Excella Tea and Coffee Vending Machine

Takes your hygiene and safety to a whole new level
Rs. 50000 Rs. 55000

Ecostar Neo-Vending Machine

Hot, more fresh and more stylish, intended solely for preparing instant hot drinks.
Rs. 40000 Rs. 44500

SHYDN Joy Three Lane Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Sleek Design Beverage Vending Machine.
Rs. 37500 Rs. 40000

ATLANTIS 7 lane Cafe Coffee Vending Machine

A complete vending machine with full of option...rnGot everything you want.
Rs. 95000
best seller

ATLANTIS Cafe Mini 2 Lane Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis Cafe Mini, small size, low price with ease operation for small office, institutes
Rs. 45000 Rs. 48000

ATLANTIS MICRO (5 ltr)Tea Coffee Vending Machine

Atlantis Micro, small size, low price with ease operation for small office, institutes
out of stock .
Rs. 27000

Tea Coffee Vending machine uses Vending Solubles are consumable powders and dry mixes designed for use in commercial coffee vending machines. Tea Coffee vending machines can be kept in schools, hospitals, large offices and other offices. By providing employees with a delicious option right in the office, less time is spent traveling to/from coffee shops, increasing productivity. A variety of mixes are available, including cappuccino, hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, apple cider, and powdered creamer. Offering a range of different products allows the consumer a range of choice and attracts a wider market than a straight coffee machine. Coffee Vending Machines Coffee vending equipment comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, configurations and use-cases depending on the end-user's needs. Machines are available that are internet-connected for easy monitoring and re-ordering, touch-screen enabled for ease of use, coin-operated for revenue generation, leased as an employee benefit, counter-top or standalone and with any number of different coffee, espresso and powdered options for cappuccinos, lattes and hot drinks. Machines can be installed directly for easy dredge disposal, plumbed-in to waterlines to avoid having to refill water levels, self-cleaning or on contract, each with their own cost structure. Depending on the number of hoppers and solubles containers, you might be able to offer a Light Roast Coffee, Medium Roast Coffee and Dark Roast Coffee depending on the consumer's needs. Some machines are even designed to extract Espresso, making more convincing lattes and cappuccinos with a bolder flavour. Even more variety can be offered by placing a flavoured syrups on the counter beside the machine, offering a nearly limitless array of flavouring options from Vanilla, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Irish Cream, Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Spice. By adding an ice machine, any drinks can be made into their "iced" counterpart (eg. "Iced Cappuccino") by pre-filling the cup with ice and dispensing directly into the cup. Most commercial vending equipment does not come with a built-in ice maker.