GERMAN technology Owgels brand 5 liter Oxygen Concentrator

Best 5 liter oxygen concentrator
Rs. 85000 Rs. 110000

Rossmax Aspirator Power and Efficiency Suction Unit V5 Suction Machine

Powerful medical aspirator Ideal for home or hospital use.
Rs. 26000 Rs. 35000

Aeromed Compressor Nebulizer For Respiratory Issues

Lightweight and effective nebulizer for both adults and children.
Rs. 2500 Rs. 3500

Rossmax 3BREATH Respiratory Solution 3 in1 Nebulizer NK1000

Compressor Nebulizer with high and adjustable nebulization rate.
Rs. 15000

Rossmax NE 100 Piston Nebulizer

Powerful piston compressor nebulizer with efficient respiratory treatment functionality.
Rs. 4500 Rs. 5000

Dr Morepen Compressor Nebulizer (Cn-10)

Very low-noise Long-life Compressor nebulizer.
Rs. 3300 Rs. 4000

Accumed Compact Nebulizer piston NF80

Compact piston nebulizer for efficient respiratory treatment.
Rs. 5000 Rs. 6000

Dr Care Child Nebulizer mini and portable NEBKID

Easy operated nebulizer especially for childrens.
Rs. 4000 Rs. 5000

Control D Piston Compressor Nebulizer

Piston nebulizer with Advanced Nebulization Technology.
Rs. 3000 Rs. 5000

Dr Care Medical Air Compressing Nebulizer Nebone

Small and light compressor nebulizer with efficient aerosol therapy.
Rs. 2600 Rs. 3200

High Durable Compressor Piston Nebulizer BC68003

Piston nebulizer with both Adults and kids mask.
Rs. 2800

A nebulizer changes medication from a liquid to a mist so you can inhale it into your lungs. Nebulizers are especially good for infants’ or small children’s asthma medications. They’re are also helpful when you have trouble using an asthma inhaler or need a large dose of an inhaled medication. Typically, nebulizers come in both electric or battery-run versions, and are either portable (so you can carry with you) or meant to sit on a table and plug into a wall. Both versions of nebulizers are made up of: a base that holds an air compressor a small container for liquid medication a tube that connects the air compressor to the medication container Above the medication container is a mouthpiece or mask you use to inhale the mist. A nebulizer is helpful for a variety of conditions, including: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) asthma bronchiectasis cystic fibrosis pulmonary fibrosis Nebulizers are also a helpful way to deliver medication during palliative care and to very young children.