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A wired network card (sometimes called a network interface card or NIC) is a small PC component that allows your computer to transfer data with a local area network (LAN) or router by way of an Ethernet cable. If you want to connect your computer to the internet or a local network through a wired connection it will need to have a wireless network card installed.
Wired network connections offer higher data transfer speeds and better security than wireless network connections, which can be accessed by anyone within wireless range. Wired network connections are also more reliable than wireless connections, which can drop or disconnect periodically due to weak or unpredictable signal strength. The type of card you need depends on whether you're installing it in a desktop computer or a laptop. PCI cards are installed internally in a desktop computer's expansion slot, whereas PC cards (sometimes called Ethernet cards) are plugged into an ExpressCard slot that's available on some models of laptops. Suitable for any PCI-enabled client, server or workstation, the Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter Card supports high performance dual-channel networking and maximum data-transfer speeds of 1000Mbps in each direction (2000 Mbps total) - up to ten times faster than 10/100 Ethernet.