Dr Care Air Purifier with Seven layers air filtration system K01

Advanced Air purifier for fresh breath and peace of mind.


: Dr Care Air Purifier K01


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Air Purifier captivated corban ionizer HEPA air purifier, clear the air of microorganism/rapidly kills viruses & bacteria.


  • 7 stage air filtration system
  • Nano cold catalyst filter, True Hepa filter, Antibacterial/Antivirus non-woven filter, carbon filter
  • Ultraviolet sterilize light
  • Anion release
  • An intelligent odor sensor system
  • Remove PM 2.5/10/Smoke
  • Reduce dust, TVOC formaldehyde, etc.
  • Remote operating¬†
  • Fan speed- 3 settings & Auto Mode
  • CADR (Area): 230m3/h
  • Application Area: up to 25m3
  • Fashionable appearance