File Rack And Daraj

3 Column File Rack

Rs. 18480 Rs. 20479

Wooden File Rack

Rs. 18225

Podrej Locker Cabinet (A-04)

Best Racks and cabinets from PODREJ.
Rs. 26857

Podrej Steel Cabinet with Locker (A-02)

Small size steel cabinet with locker.
Rs. 21060

PODREJ 2 Hours Fire resistsnt Fire proof Filing Cabinet (114)

Fire proof High quality Filing Cabinet.
Rs. 99686

PODREJ 5 Drawers Filing Cabinet(F-19A)

Filing Cabinet with 5 drawers for office and other purposes.
Rs. 41985

PODREJ Filing cabinet (F-18) with drawers

High quality filing cabinets for your office.
Rs. 26227

PODREJ 4 Drawers Lateral Filing Cabinet(F-19D)

Lateral filing cabinets for documents and other valuables.
Rs. 37483

PODREJ Heavy 5 drawers Passport Cabinet(F-19B)

Heavy and Strong Passport Cabinet.
Rs. 30254

Podrej Glass Door Cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves(G-22)

Glass Door Cabinet for your office or Home with adjustable shelves.
Rs. 32099

Podrej Glass Sliding 2 piece Cabinet(G-24)

Glass sliding 2 piece cabinet for your Office or Home.
Rs. 39978

PODREJ Glass Sliding Door Cabinet with 4 adjustable shelves(W-66C)

Glass Sliding Door Cabinet with adjustable shelves.
Rs. 39259

PODREJ Skeletal Slotted Angle Open Rack with 7 shelves(R-61)

Stylish Open rack for your business.
Rs. 16910

PODREJ Skeletal Slotted Angle Open Rack with 6 shelves(R-58)

Stylish Rack for your office.
Rs. 14668

PODREJ Individual Locker Cabinet with 8 different compartments(I-67)

Separate locker cabinet for your office.
Rs. 46130

PODREJ Hanging Locker Cabinet with 8 different compartments(I-68)

Stylish Hanging Locker Cabinet for your BUSINESS.
Rs. 61500

PODREJ PLAIN Steel Daraj (A-06)

durable steel daraj
Rs. 31108

File Rack

Get you data secure
Rs. 14500 Rs. 16500

Large space filing Rack

Get you data secure
Rs. 22950

RACK for Filling

Manage your files and gift together
Rs. 38000 Rs. 40825

Modern Rack

Manage your files and gift together
Rs. 26325 Rs. 28000

Endurable Modern Rack

Secure your file
Rs. 20250

Environmentally-friendly Filing Rack

Secure your file
Rs. 9450

PODREJ PLAIN Steel Daraj (A-05)

Best Racks from Podrej
Rs. 26828

PODREJ Steel Daraj (A-03)

Best Racks from Podrej
Rs. 23137

PODREJ Plain Steel Daraj (A-01)

Best Racks from Podrej
Rs. 17500

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